Day 10 – Sept 15, 2017 – Hop-O-Nose Marina, the Catskills

We headed out at 8:55 am towards our final lock in NY state. Bob kept calling the lock master with no reply but finally heard back that he was locking through a barge and tug boat going north. We tied up at the brick wall to wait and once the lock doors opened we saw the barge was almost as wide as the lock. We had to back up to let the barge pass!

Once we got in the lock we discovered it didn’t have ropes so eventually as the front of our boat swung way out (Bob had a line round the pipe but the boat was moving back) the lock master came over and helped get a bow line to Bob so he could keep the boat closer to the wall and my main job was to make sire the mast didn’t hit the wall – again. The lock master was very helpful and patient.

Final lock done and we started down the Hudson. The first couple of hours were pretty uninspiring, it was very industrial. We passed under many many bridges and the scenery became more pleasant, lots of very nice big houses. Our final bridge before we turned into the inlet to the marina is called the Rip Van Winkle bridge, yes, really


Rip Van Winkle Bridge

There were three guys waiting on the dock at Hop-O-Nose, super friendly!  There is a nice restaurant a few steps from the marina so we went for a celebratory drink ?. We’re going back there for dinner tonight. Tristan is driving here tomorrow from Cape Cod to deliver the replacement mast light and will help with the mast stepping. I think we’re going to chill here tomorrow and will comtinue down river on Sunday morning.

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