Day 12 – Sept 17, 2017 – Poughkeepsie Yacht Club NY

Another foggy morning, it’s tended to be the norm. We were treated to a noisy night by people on a big power boat near us so it was a good thing we hadn’t planned to leave until around 10. I tested out the frying pan by making Finnish style pancakes (kinda like crepes but just a little thicker). Ideally they should be made in a cast iron frying pan but after the first few experimental ones they turned out ok. Having the maple syrup from Kevin was a real treat.

We went for a circular walk around town after breakfast, and like all the towns where we’ve had a chance to walk around a bit, it’s a mixed bag. We saw some pretty run down houses beside well kept ones, so again, one can understand the frustration of the voters even if we shake our heads at their choice.

We left the dock at 10:45, waving goodbye to our Minnesota neighbors who would be backing their boat into our spot in prep for their mast going up tomorrow. I don’t think the captain was looking forward to the exercise. After navigating the shallow entrance where the Minnesota boat grounded a bit, he draws 7′, we were back in the Hudson. Another sunny day so pleasure boaters were out in droves. A couple of them actually slowed down when overtaking us but for the most part, especially the cigarette style boats, they went zooming by in both directions leaving us bouncing. At least that’s not a big deal now that the mast is up but a few barges had major bow waves that really had us bouncing. We also sailed (read motored) through a sailboat race as they were flying their spinnakers, a very pretty sight.

Another pretty sight, if one can call it that, is all the mansions on both sides of the river. What appears to be a commuter train line runs on both sides of the river so we’re pretty sure many of these houses belong to very wealthy business people who commute to NYC. There were also several old lighthouses in beautiful stone or brick buildings, I’m going to post more of them in the Bob and Tarja’s Travels Facebook page as the blog seems to get ornery when you post too many pictures. Not only ornery but for PC users it sometimes turns pictures upside down.

We pulled into the visitor dock at Poughkeepsie Yacht Club at 3:15. The current had been against us for the first few hours but then turned in our favor so we were doing 7.5 knots (1.5 knots of current). And with that current it was a good thing there were two guys waiting to help us dock as we were instructed to dock to starboard facing the current. It is a very friendly club, bar service at ultra cheap prices, $3 for a bottle of beer and $10 for a bottle of California wine. It was not the greatest wine but just fine for the price. After cooling off at the bar, it had been another warm sunny day, we had to face the task of washing the last of the canal dirt and spider poop off the boat. It was a slog and we still have to do the coach roof which is not really dirty, but it’s very nice to have a clean boat again. We know the spider doo is a never ending battle so we were happy find the very efficient spider spray – sorry Kathryn.  I also washed our slimy canal gloves after soaking them in Dawn. For those of you old enough to remember, “Madge would have been proud”, and after a bit of scrubbing they came surprisingly clean. I was in serious need of a shower after all this and am happy to report that PYC had the best shower I’ve used to date on the trip. If KYC is ever able to put in new showers, I’d love to provide some suggestions on design, and I’m not talking fancy, just practicality.

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