Day 19 – Sept 24, 2017 – Turnersville NJ/Barnegat Bay NJ

The formal change of crew took place this morning. Ron and Bob left about 9:30 and the laundry bag and I left in Ron’s car shortly after. The laundromat had wifi so I could entertain myself 🙂 I’m staying at a hotel about a one hour drive from Cape May.

Their plan, weather permitting, was to anchor at Barnegat Bay, about an eight hour motor/sail, from Great Kills Harbour, which they did. Bob said getting into to the somewhat narrow bay entrance against a two knot current was a bit of a challenge. He may went to add some details about their part of the trip.

They plan to be underway tomorrow by 7am at the latest – again weather permitting, they should reach Cape May around 6 pm.

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