Day 30 – Oct 5, 2017 – Annapolis Yacht Basin, MD

The Boathouse was its usual raucous self last night, great to see Tristan. He still has work to do tomorrow morning before the show opens so no wild partying for him last night.

Bob’s first priority, after morning coffee of course, was to trouble shoot what was causing the smoke from the exhaust yesterday. In discussions with Chris, both agreed it was related to the seawater cooling system. In working through the system, starting with the hull intake, Bob found the strainer needed to be turned a further 1/8″ – relieved it was a simple fix.

Bob and Chris visited the show briefly while I did laundry, the marina has good facilities. We’ll spend more time at the show tomorrow. Chris’ wife Cindy arrived in the afternoon, she flew from St Pete to Baltimore and ubered here. She is planning to spend 10-14 days with Chris and will fly back home after that as Chris continues the trip to take his boat back to St Petersburg.

Even Keel is at  slip  around the corner from us but that area belongs to the Annapolis Yacht Club, which is where he is registered. Their clubhouse, which we pass walking off the marina grounds, had a major fire several years ago and is now finally being rebuilt. They have temporary restaurant facilities a short walk away which is where we had dinner tonight, thanks to Chris’ reciprocal rights through his St Petes Yacht Club membership – we were allowed in as his guests 🙂

Boat show day tomorrow.








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