Day 31- Oct 6, 2017 – Annapolis Yacht Basin, MD

It has been very warm during the day and even at night since we got to Annapolis. Still no rain but it is supposed to arrive on Sunday (it’s Friday) We went to the  show today, toured a few amazing sailboats that we could not afford in our wildest dreams. We met up with our Belleville buddies Joan and John for lunch and got caught up. They are anchored near the Naval Academy no plan to stay at least until Monday.

There is an amazing amount of money tied up in the boats in this show – boggles the mind. For example, the 75′ Oyster sailboat was $5.5 million. Our most exciting purchase was a boat hook to replace the one that went missing on the New Jersey leg.

Last night here, off to St Michael tomorrow morning.









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    1. I think mostly we did. We’ve had rain for the first time starting a couple of days ago, tail end of Jose maybe. Yesterday was a nice sunny day, today, gray and rainy – boo.

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