Day 32 – Oct 7, 2010 – Saint Michaels, MD

Had to see saw a bit to back out of our slip as more boats had arrived making it a bit more challenging to get out but Bob did just fine. We passed our Belleville friend’s boat anchored in the harbour on the way out. We left around 9am and got to Saint Michaels around 3pm. Saint Michaels is quite a long way in from the Chesapeake.

Flags on Annapolis boat show boats as we leave

We followed Chris into a small bay to anchor but in the time Chris was investigating depths, another boat pulled in and anchored – more on them later. We decided to go into the previous bay to anchor, however, once we were anchored, Chris phoned and suggested we come back and raft with them. So, up comes the anchor and we head back. I wish someone had taken a video of me driving the boat as  Bob was setting the anchor to line us up with Even Keel. As we went past the boat that “snuck in” before we could anchor earlier, a man on the boat called out asking if we were technologically savvy, Bob yelled yes and kept working with  the anchor. Chris meanwhile is watching, that as we and he swing, we don’t hit his boat. There were several sudden lurches forward as Chris warned me we were getting too close and I pushed the throttle forward big time. But there was success without any untoward touching and after a bit of tossing of lines we rafted up.

Once that was done and we were relaxing a bit in the cockpit, the fellow from the other boat radioed us with his technical question. He needed to text some photos to a vendor in Annapolis and didn’t know how to do it. He rowed over on his dinghy and then proceeded to climb onto the boat from the side of the boat !!! This was Lew and he and his wife Anne had bought the motor yacht they were on about a year ago having had to give up their sailboat on which they had sailed to Europe going west from the Bahamas. Lew told us he was 83, now had a few health issues and reluctantly had to give up the sailboat. Bob showed him how to text the pictures and Lew invited us over for drinks tomorrow and then climbed over the side of the boat to row back to their boat! Did I mention he was 83?

Lew and Anne’s boat.

It was fun having our cocktail hour with Chris & Cindy without either of us leaving our boats. Dinner on board tonight, we had the last piece of wild salmon bought from Tara before we left Kingston.





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