Day 44 – Oct 19, 2017 – Yorktown, MD

The boat got moved to the pump out dock at 8:30. Ryan the Marina manager said their pump can be set to blow out so he thought that might blow out the “the plug” that is preventing the tank from emptying. After about 40 minutes, we gave up and the only thing left was to haul the boat so Ryan could get at the area where the  stuff is supposed to come out.

Finnish Line on dry land

He was afraid the problem might have been the valve which he first thought was the case once the boat was out but that turned out not to be the case. Ryan worked for 35 minutes, first with two different types of augers and “stuff” did start to come out. Then he used the hose to try water pressure to break up the plug, finally wrapping the head of the hose with a rag so there was no air around the opening and the hose. That finally did it, yucky picture here.

Success – yuck!

Meanwhile, I was creating minor havoc. It’s too long a story to put here in detail but basically I thought my purse had been stolen from the front seat of the rental car. The marina owner spent  lot of time viewing security tapes, I got as far as cancelling three of my four credit cards before Ryan figured out I had actually put my purse in the wrong car, which happened to be the same colour as the rental car and was unlocked. Talk about feeling stupid !!!

We hadn’t had breakfast and by the time all this got sorted out it was 1:30. We were very hungry and left Ryan to put the boat back in the water while we went to grab lunch and get some groceries. We had hoped to spend some time in the village/historic battlefields  but by the time we got the boat fuelled up and back to the slip it was late afternoon.

We still drove to the village and spent about an hour walking around so we at least have a general feel of the area. We’re staying here for one more night so hope to spend several hours there tomorrow afternoon before we go to dinner. We have reservations at a riverside restaurant.



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