Day 55 – Oct 30 – Beaufort, NC

It was still pretty breezy this morning, sunny but not warm. Bob had to wear gloves and a toque especially for the first 45 minutes when we crossed the Neuse River to Adams Creek. We had 15 knot winds on the crossing and the waves made it a bit bumpy but since it was a short crossing we got to calm waters quite soon. We were a little ways into the creek when Bob called out, dolphins! I tried to get some pictures as there were several and one popped up right beside the boat but no luck. I did get a video but can’t post that due to size.

Our stop today was a marina at Beaufort. The trawler that had been our neighbour at Oriental and helped us in and out of our slip we’re also going to stay at the same marina. They gave us a good tip about locating the turn in the channel – look for a sign on a post in the water. We saw a sign but the colours on the logo of the Marina are not conducive to being able to read the sign until you’re right beside it. The name is in yellow on a white background – ok for a ball cap, not so great at a distance more than a few feet. We could also see a big sign for the marina on land so we figured we were heading the right way.

Tim and Susan from the trawler arrived shortly after us and we got together for drinks on our boat, turns out it was Tim’s birthday. Another interesting American couple who in the flow of conversation volunteered they were aghast that Trump was president, The others were Trish & Jeff who we met at Coinjock Marina. I’m thinking the big Canadian flag on our boat encouraged both couples to say this. I suppose they were taking a bit of a chance as there are some Canadians who support Trump but I’m thinking they are in the minority.

It’s too bad we didn’t have more time to walk around Beaufort. We did go out for dinner and saw a bit of the town which is really charming. Most of the houses we saw were painted white and many were from the 1800s.

At the end of the day we’d passed 1,000 nautical miles (1,150 statute miles).

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