Day 59 – Nov 3, 2017 – Southport, NC

Got lots done today, I did laundry, Bob did boat stuff. Then we started the search for a grocery store. We knew that we might have to go to a Walmart superstore – last choice. After lunch at a little pub we started walking, the first choice store no longer existed and since we really needed to get some meat we walked to the Walmart, two miles, and got an Uber back to the marina. It’s amazing how much I can fit in our little freezer when I remove the store packaging and put things into baggies. Got a nice steak and several pieces of chicken, so many BBQ meals for when we’re anchored.

After that oh-my-gad lecture yesterday about the perils of shoaling on the ICW, we plotted out tomorrow’s trip taking the tides into account and decided that we’d probably be just fine as we were leaving on high tide and would hit the two shoaling problems areas way before low tide. I of course had freaked out wayyyyy more than Bob so it was good to do the planning and see things weren’t really that dire, we just had to be careful in certain areas.

After a few WHAT! comments during the talk, it happened to be all sailboat owners at the meeting, Hank the meteorologist did scale back a bit and say don’t worry, boats with a 7 foot draft do the trip – we draw 4.5.

Dinner on the boat tonight, we want to be off the dock at 7:30 tomorrow.



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