Day 61 – Nov 5, 2017 – Georgetown, SC

With the time change last night, sunrise was an hour earlier as far as clocks go and we were awake before 6am EST. We were on our way around was a gorgeous misty morning and we saw no other boats for a while.

Taken at 7:03 am







After yesterday’s yahoos it was a quiet day. We were careful in all the spots Hank the meteorologist talked about in his lecture and didn’t run into any shoals, in fact, we didn’t see any really shallow water.  We had two swing bridges today, both on request,  vs a scheduled opening. No problems at either bridge and the last one was a pretty blue.

Pretty blue swing bridge

We arrived in Georgetown around 2pm. We had hoped to stay here for two nights as it’s supposed to be an interesting historic town but there is a large group of sail boats travelling together who have the whole place booked  tomorrow night.

We went for a walk along the main street which is really close to the marina. We discovered that many of the restaurants we’d closed on Sundays or closed early. We consoled ourselves by having an ice cream. We did find a couple of places that looked ok and meanwhile kept walking around. We both agreed that it was ok that we weren’t able to stay a second night.

We went back to the boat for a while and in returning to town for dinner and ended up at a sort of sushi / hibachi restaurant that was really good. We hadn’t noticed it earlier so this was a happy accident.














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