Day 62 – Nov 6, 2017 – Awendaw Creek, SC

Lovely old trees in Georgetown

We we’re going to be going through three problem shoaling areas today so we planned to leave around 8:30 to time going through them at high and mid tide. We went into town for breakfast and then I went to Independent Seafood , close to the marina, to pick up some fresh shrimp. When I got near the building I saw several cats running and then saw “things” flying out the large doorway. I shortly saw one of the cats with a fish in its mouth, those were the flying objects.

The owner told me these were feral cats. He said they try to catch as many as they can and take them to a vet to be neutered to try and reduce the feral population. The cats all looked quite healthy. What a nice guy. I got a pound of really   delicious looking shrimp for $ 6  – dinner tonight.

We got through the three tricky areas just fine and turned into our anchorage around 1:30.  The creek runs into/out of the Atlantic but it’s a winding creek so we weren’t near  open water. Two other boats arrived later in the afternoon, it’s a nice spot. Bob did an oil change, oil filter change and impeller change while I kept busy reading until it was time for dinner. The shrimp were delicious and there was enough  for a second meal.

Looking east at the anchorage












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