Day – 75 – Nov 19, 2017 – Amelia Island, FL

It got windy during the night but reduced by morning so it was only 8 knots when we left. We made it through Jekyll Creek but saw even less water than at Hell Gate which is the shallowest part on the ICW. The next major bit was crossing St Andrew Sound which was quite wide. We had wind/waves from behind for quite a bit of it so it wasn’t too bouncy even though there was some wind.

Today was not particularly scenic. We passed a US nuclear submarine base and at Fernandina, which just into Florida, saw docks which were piled with damaged boats, we’re pretty sure from both Matthew and Irma.

We pulled into the channel for Amalia Island Marina at about 90 minutes before low tide. Bob moved slightly out of the centre of the channel and we bounced off the bottom for a few seconds, he revved the engine and had us quickly back in the middle of the channel. We were on a an outside dock and could easily see and smell the water continuing to go down.

A bit before low tide.
Same spot next AM at high tide.

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