Feb 7, 2018 – Hachet Harbour

Happily read another guide book that stated the Cut should be done at either high or low slack. Low slack would occur within the hour so we busily got the boat ready and went through the Cut about 9:30. There was only about a knot of current on the north side so the Cut was easily traversed.

Had a good sail down the shore to Hatchet Harbour with some tacking. Saw the Glass Window Bridge that Brad will take us to tomorrow. Quite a sight with the Atlantic waves washing through the “window”.

The coast line had beaches and jagged rocks/coral with many caves. The water was about 20’ and we were able to get in to only a few hundred yards offshore.

The man made cut into Hachet Harbour is very narrow and required a lot of concentration especially with crew bodies in the line of sight!

We anchored close to the dinghy dock where Brad met us, gave us a brief tour of Alice Town and drove us to his place. Brad built his place which is high on a hill and overlooking the non-Atlantic side which for some unknown reason is referred to as the Caribbean side. The front is all porch and windows and is a very pleasant place to hang. Out back they have a platform that gives views onto the Atlantic. We did laundry and a few drinks were consumed before heading back to the boat.


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