Feb 15, 2018 – Hawks Nest Marina, Cat Island

We said farewell to Bennett’s Harbour at 9:30am and had beautiful sail to the south western tip of Cat Island.  For you sailors reading this, we were able to maintain a 6 knot average beam reach for the 5 hours it took to get here.

Bob & Peter chillin’ Under way

We heard Hawks Nest  being called on the VHF a few times so we were hopeful that the Marina was open. The water colour contrasts around the point where the Marina is located are amazing, from deep blues to various turquoises in bands. Bob was able to raise the Marina on VHF once we got close and they did have space for us. We arrived at low tide, Peter kept watch and gave directions from at the bow as we came in the narrow entrance channel. I found out after from the dock master that the depth is five feet at low tide, we draw 4.5 feet !

Docking was easy this time, a proper long finger dock and minimal wind. All the other boats here are various sizes of fishing boats. The Marina is on a mangrove creek with a lot of sharks hanging around the dock.

Shark feeding time

We found out later the fishermen throw their leftovers to them. We rode bikes over to the resort office, had to cross the airstrip, a first for all of us. We stopped for a beer  at the beach near the office, not good for swimming but gorgeous. We also booked dinner for 7pm and watched a bit of Olympic coverage on the big TV in their lounge. Dinner was good, and we tried to watch the men’s skating short program after dinner but the number of commercials finally got to us and we headed back to the boat.

Willy at the beach

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