Feb 22/23 – Stocking Island

Yesterday, after a few unsuccessful tries we got a hold of the water taxi and got dropped off at the George Town dock shortly after 1pm.  The dock area was full of cars and people. A freighter/ferry we’ve seen go by a couple of times was at dock along with a smaller freighter. Both were being unloaded/loaded and people were waiting to get on. I’m pretty sure the larger ship was also a car ferry. I’m kicking myself now for not taking any pictures.

We picked up a copy of Out Island Doctor from the shop across from Peace & Plenty and then went there for lunch.

Lunch at Peace & Plenty

We got a patio table in the shade facing the amazing view of the water. It really is a lovely spot and the food is not expensive.

Next stop was the grocery store and then the liquor store, we cleverly brought our back packs making it easy to carry our shopping. Both freighters had left by the time we got back to the dock.

‘Typical afternoon & evening back on the boat. More reading, just a snack for dinner as we were still pretty full from lunch and we watched two episodes of Grace & Frankie. I don’t think there are many episodes left.

Sometime after breakfast this morning we could  hear a loud engine that seemed to be very close. We looked out and there was a small inter island freighter VERY close to us. We could see the trail of sand it had churned up so we figured it had to be low tide and the water was deepest at the edge of the channel where we were. The crew waved to us so that was somewhat reassuring, they knew we were there!

Freighter on edge of channel

We watched the freighter as it slowly made its way down the channel, keeping close to the boats at our anchorage – yikes.




And as I’m typing this, the freighter just went by heading back, still fairly close to our side of the channel but not as close as this morning.


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