Feb 28, 2018, Little Farmer’s Cay – Exumas

All the boats except one that were  anchored near the town dock left this morning so we moved there after breakfast, makes for a shorter dinghy ride to the beach. The remaining sailboat also left this morning so we had the anchorage to ourselves except for a big fishing boat, we think, that is probably permanently anchored here.

View from the boat and looking back at Finnish Line from the dinghy.

We had to phone in our dinner order, this seems to be quite a common practice in smaller places. Getting the motor onto the dinghy was easy, helps when you don’t have 20+ knot winds. We left the boat around 3:30 to give us time to walk around the island a bit, our dinner reservation was for 4:45, timing suggested by the restaurant.

The convenience store was pretty bare, I picked up a large bottle of lime juice, good for marinades, salad dressing, G&Ts, no fresh veg or fruit. We hope we can get some at Black Point tomorrow. We saw a couple turtles while motoring to the beach and I was disappointed that I couldn’t get a picture. However, walking over to the village dock more than made up for that. There were small sharks, many rays, turtles and lots of colourful fish at the dock.

We walked over to the Ty’s Sunset Grill, past  a few houses that were in mostly in good repair. The restaurant is very close to the airport but no planes coming or going except for the one we saw yesterday. We chatted with a couple whose son had attended a school at Cape Eleuthera, we passed it on our walk there. The school specializes on developing sustainable eco friendly living in the Bahamas.

Ty’s Sunset Grill

Sitting at the restaurant was very pleasant but we decided not to wait for sunset. It was about a 15 minute walk to the dinghy beach and although we had left lights on we decided to make the trip in daylight. The tide had come in so we had to slosh our way to the dinghy which was tied to a boat on the beach. Oh, oh, the pull chord on the motor would not come out. After trying for awhile we decided to row back, good decision to come back in daylight. Also good that there was very little wind so rowing back was fairly easy, says I who didn’t do the rowing, I did offer. Turns out the reason  the chord would come out was because the motor was in gear!

Manta ray & turtle at the dock.

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