March 2, 2018 – Black Point, Great Guana Cay

Another sunny day. We were surprised to see many boats leave the harbour today. We figured a lot of people would be staying here until Monday when the winds are supposed to decrease. Maybe they know something we don’t, we hope not.

The winds have already started to build along with waves from the west, not the best harbour to be in with waves from that direction. Getting off the dinghy was even more of a challenge but we persevered – I was the main roadblock while Bob valiantly tried to hold on to a rung of the ladder until I got off. We had lunch at Lorraine’s Cafe, same place our gang of eight had a memorable dinner last February. It was eventless this time, the bill was correct and the food plentiful. We had no luck finding vegetables or fruit so it will be back to canned veg on the boat. We did find digestive cookies in a small shop, something I was not able to find in a single grocery store, small or large, on the ICW. Maybe it’s a British thing. There are several small grocery stores in the general area around the government dock but all have pretty limited inventory.

Here’s a view of our dinghy at the government dock.

Getting back on the dinghy went better than I expected ?.


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