March 16, 2018 – Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Nice quiet overnight at the dock. Today was errands day, groceries and laundry. Spanish Wells has a very well stocked grocery store and luckily for us, within walking distance of the marina. Those backpacks have come in very handy for hauling groceries and wine bottles. The other important stop was the “other’ liquor store to see if we can get a case of Kalik  beer in cans. Buddas yesterday had only Kalik Light which was just not an option, it’s lightly coloured water pretending to be beer. They would not get another shipment until next week. The other store had a partial case left, four cans missing, but the lovely young woman at the cash took four single cans out of the fridge to make up the 24.  Good thing it was a short walk back to the boat.

‘We saw a few houses for sale and looked up one of the. It was 3 bedrooms, 1,800 sq.ft, asking price was $470,000 USD. It looked very nice in the pictures.

Many large trawlers arrived at the marina today along with one yacht that was 150 feet +. Arriving for the weekend perhaps ?

We walked to the Shipyard for dinner, it’s at the north east corner of Spanish Wells. We’ve noticed that Spanish Wells has much higher population of whites than any other place we’ve visited in the Bahamas. We assume it’s because the island was originally settled by a religious group fleeing persecution in Bermuda. They were ship wrecked off Eleuthera in 1648  and the survivors lived in a large cave, now known as Preacher’s Cave, for many years. A group of them finally decided to leave the cave and founded the settlement of Spanish Wells.

Our young white waitress, Sierra, had an interesting accent, sounded slightly Aussie, so we asked her if she was from Spanish Wells. She was and said her family had lived there for hundreds of years. She also said she loved Spanish Wells, that it had no crime, people don’t lock their doors. Her only complaint was the cost of groceries, they go to the US on lobster boats during their off season, to stock up.

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