March 30-31, 2018 – Lighthouse Marina, Hope Town, Abaco

On Friday we had late morning coffee at Hope Town Coffee House, a great cafe with indoor and patio seating. They works by local artists for sale. There was w\one painting we both really liked but with a $350 USD price tag, decided against it. I wonder if we’ll regret it when we get home, I did take a picture of it.

Painting we didn’t buy

We walked up the hill by the cholera cemetery again just to enjoy the amazing views of the Atlantic. Lunch, we are just so pathetically food centric, was at a terrific place called Wine Down Sip-Sip. Food was great, decor a wonderful mix of dark coloured wood trim, pastel coloured walls and lots of colourful cushions on the long benches along the walls. They also had the best selection of wines by the glass that we’ve seen anywhere in the Bahamas.

Wine Down Sip-Sip

We went back to the Coffee House on Saturday and had brunch of coffee and quiche. More walking around town, this time almost to the north end of the island, we finally gave up as it was just too hot for walking. That part of Hope Town was much quieter as it’s all residential. There were some very large homes on the Atlantic side. We also saw signs on a lot of houses indicating they were holiday rentals.

We were sitting back on the boat when a group of young people arrived in a tender. There was a bit of excitement on the dock, it turns out being created by a manatee at the dock beside our boat. Someone had turned on the water hose and was aiming the hose at the manatee. Shortly after that one of the men from the tender went into the water and put the hose into the very happy manatees mouth – it appears they love fresh water. I overheard him talking to a couple of the women in the group in what sounded like a Nordic language so I asked, they were Norwegians. A couple of the women also got in the water, it was all very entertaining.

Manatees and Norwegians beside our boat.

We had made reservations for dinner at Hope Town Marina & Resort, we had gone there for a drink on Thursday. It was quite disappointing. Our waiter was good as was our shared appetizer but the main courses were ho-hum and not cheap. This is the same marina we tried to get into a couple of times, it’s much higher end than where we are but in retrospect,  we’re glad we didn’t get in.

Rental house in Hope Town
Cool house gate at the north end of Hope Town


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