April 10, 2018 – Man-O-War Marina, Abaco

Hibiscus hedge

We picked up a few groceries as weather permitting, we’re going to leave tomorrow morning. We were going to visit the little museum, which is attached to a coffee shop. Unfortunately for us we got there at 1pm which is when they close – oh well.

Our walk today, which wasn’t intended to be a long one but turned out to be, was to the southern part of the Cay. On our way towards the Atlantic side we passed the cemetery close to the beach. There were lots of flowers on the graves but they all appeared to be plastic.

Cemetery by the beac


We ended up going to the Atlantic side and when we saw a mast in the distance, at what seemed like an unlikely spot, we decided to walk down the beach to investigate. It was a catamaran which seemed to be pretty close to shore, we assume they really trust their anchor.

Although there was a good breeze at the beach it was very warm. There were houses close to the beach all along our walk so we figured there had to be a road of some kind back there, we were hoping for some shade. We walked along a path beside a house by the beach and it took us to a road cut through a wooded area, which meant it was shady! It was wide enough for a golf cart but not much else.  It did lead into town to become the Queen’s Highway. The main road in each settlement we’ve been to is called the Queen’s Highway. We wonder whether it becomes the King’s highway if there is a king on the throne.

I love the hedges here, and in most other settlements we’ve visited. They are a combination of flowering oleander, hibiscus and bougainvillea. The oleander can get huge, more like trees, if they are not trimmed.

Oleander hedge



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