April 12, 2018 – Man-O-War Marina, Abaco

A very interesting day today, after coffee on the boat we went to coffee shop for some brekkie. We sat with Catherine & Glen, and Catherine’s brother John. When we told them today’s walk was to the narrows they invited us to stop by and visit their property which is close to the narrows. Catherine’s parents bought the land in the 1960s, 3.5 acres.

The Queens Highway changed from pavement, to small stones, to sand as we walked north. It was very different from the area we walked on our return from the beach south of the settlement. There is very little bush and the houses appear to be closer together although many are on big lots. The properties are well kept.

We did stop in to have a visit with Catherine &  Co., what a fabulous property. The main house, which is on the Atlantic side, is very open and airy with a large covered verandah. Also on the Atlantic side is a much smaller house they call the snore box, we’d call it a very nice bunkie. Across the road on the Abaco Sea side is a one bedroom house built over the boat house. I asked Catherine if they ever rent out the that house, the answer was no.

C & D,s  beach at the main house

We sat on the verandah for about 20 minutes and had good chat about the usual stuff.  They live near Dallas, close to their grand children and are avid back road motor cyclists. We were curious about practicalities about the island property. The property has a 30,000 gallon tank which collects rainwater. That is the only way islanders get fresh water. Catherine said having enough fresh water collected that way is not a problem. She said all the rain yesterday caused their tank to overflow. There are no septic tanks or beds. There are pits for toilet waste, Cathrine said in the 50 years the her family has been there, there has never been a problem with the toilet waste, I guess it’s very porous ground!

We continued as far as the narrows, a strip of land that separates the Atlantic and Abaco Sea. It was calm on the Abaco side, white caps on the Atlantic side. The island continues and widens again past the narrows but we decided to turn back at that point. Laundry was waiting for me, all the towels we used to mop up the floor yesterday had to  be washed.

The narrows









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