April 15, 2018 – Marsh Harbour, Abaco

David and Joy told us about a new coffee shop which we tried out this morning – very good and it’s really close to the marina.  We stopped by the office before we went to the coffee shop to ask if Bob could stay at the slip until around 1, until Tristan can get here. They said yes but also that they wanted to move us to the same slip we had the last time we were here. There was a boat at the fuel dock that was going into our current slip for a month.

A dock hand came over at 1:50pm, ten minutes before low tide, to say they wanted us to move now. Dave and Joy and one dock hand manned to lines to get us off the dock.  On the way to coffee, which had been well before low tide, a monohull was stuck in the channel we’d have to take into the new dock. There is enough water if you stick really close to the pylons at the end of the slips. They either hadn’t been told this or ignored the advice. The slip we were moving to was the same one we stayed at the last time we were here so Bob knew about hugging the pylons.

The depth was okay as we neared the slip but when Bob made the turn we were in the mud. There were three dock hands pulling the boat in as Bob rev’d the engine to plough through the mud. One of the dock hands quipped that we’d now have a really clean propeller.

The same cat that was in the slip beside us is still there. This picture shows how close we are, all the fenders are ours.

Close quarters


When we left the slip the last time  a dock hand guided the boat out with the bow line to keep us close to the dock and away from the cat. I suspect the same thing will happen when Bob & Tristan leave.

We got the first load of laundry done today, sheets tomorrow.






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