April 21 to April 23 St Simon’s Island

Had to clear  customs but because it was the weekend the border agent wasn’t sure of the process. Left my cell number and the officer who  phoned me back I persuaded that we could do this all by phone since I was a known entity: Nexus card, boat registered, valid US cruising licence. He agreed so we didn’t have to go anywhere to get this done.
We got fuel and moved to our slip. Tristan repaired the jib furler and we got the jib on deck and ready to go. We put the spinnaker into the cockpit locker sans its bag. A big wave tore it off its clips on the rail during our rough voyage.
Tristan left late morning to rent a car to return to Charleston to pick up his truck to drive back home to Cape Cod.
I continued to tidy up the boat and used the Marina curtesy car to pick up some groceries.
I enjoyed dinner at the marina, very good food and service.
I had planned to leave today but still felt quite emotionally exhausted by our 3+ days at sea. So stayed knowing that I probably couldn’t leave the next day due to the big thunderstorms coming in. Cleaned up the boat more and did few maintenance items.
Big news is that our friend, Chris McDonnell from St Petersburg, will come and join me for 5 days from Thunderbolt (Savannah) GA to Writhsville Beach NC. It will be great to have the company and Chris and I always have a good time sailing together.
Oh yes it did rain …. during the night and much of the day for 1 1/2”. Took the marina courtesy car again to lay in some more supplies for the next several days. Treated myself to another great dinner at the marina restaurant.

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