April 25, 2018 – Thunderbolt, Georgia

Finnish Line 2.0’s anchor dance last night while the orchestra played the strains of the Wind vs. Tidal current theme.

Left just after dawn this morning and hit Hell Gate at mid-tide about 8am. Never saw less than 10’ (need 4.5) so it was rather a non-event. Arrived here about 11 and am waiting for friend Chris McDonnell to arrive so we can do some outside sailing over the next 5 days. Chris will fly home to St Pete’s from Wilmington NC. I then have 6 days to get to Norfolk to meet Peter Cohrs with one day in reserve for whatevers and laundry.

 Chris arrived early afternoon and we used his rental car for more supplies.
Had a wonderful dinner with Ouida an old friend of Chris`at Tuby’s Tank House.  Bingo for dinner ! Good fun although we didn’t win anything. Shrimp and grits were amazing. The water in the background is the ICW.

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