Day 15 Anse St Jean in the Saguenay 60 nm today 453 nm to date

Off the dock this morning at 6:30 and although the rain had finally ended the morning was very cool, miserable and foggy. Turned on the radar just in case although visibility was about 1/2 mile. Both boats were visited by small birds seeking free rides and a bit of nosh. Also saw more whales and one seemingly lone seal. The mouth of the Saguenay was a bit of a dog’s breakfast. We’d ride with the current in our favour only to run into churning water which turned the current against us but then it would shift back. Over the course (or perhaps coarse) of an hour the range of fluctuation was over 3 knots. Entering into the Saguenay and passing Tadoussac about noon the sun came out and it became more pleasant. The sunshine certainly helped us enjoy the beauty of the Saguenay fiord. Very steep, mountainous sides with many, many cliffs. Arrived at a delightful marina at Anse St Jean about 3:30 and had Prosecco to celebrate John and Nanci’s 30th anniversary! Who does that anymore?? 

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Chris caught a calf whale
No photo description available.
My companion, visited 4 or 5 times


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Into the Saguenay and past Tadoussac (on the right)














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Such a wonderfully, beautiful place
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Ramble On along a steep side of the Saguenay

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    1. 8C on the boat at 6am today. They say it’s better in the Bahamas, maybe they’re right. ?

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