Day 81 Chester NS 15 nm today 1710 nm to date

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Leaving the cove this morning

Luckily we weren’t too cranky from last night when we left about 9am. We were dragging our dinghy with its engine but as we neared the ocean it was not riding the swells well. Decided to stop and haul it up. That involved getting in the dinghy to attach the securing lines as well as the davit clips. Not the easiest thing in a rolling sea next to a rolling boat. But kept my weight low and my movements slow and deliberate so both I and the dinghy survived.

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a burst of heather on an island on the way in

Passed some very nasty rocks and shoals on the way into Mahone Bay but the bay itself was very broad and lovely. About noon we arrived in Chester’s back harbour and dropped anchor just outside the mooring field. Ramble On rafted to us and we both dropped our dinghies and headed into Chester for lunch. Chester is deservedly well known for the quaintness of its village. There is a lot of money here to make it so. It is a popular yachting community and Chester Race Week attracts a lot of CDN and US race boats. The races begin next week and the boats begin to arrive today hence we are anchored out.

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Chester’s Back Bay where we are anchored

Upon returning from lunch we felt the boats were a wee bit into the channel so we raised the anchor and replanted it with both boats still rafted … it was like having twin screws !

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Returning from lunch to our dinghies — this is the Front Bay
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Chester’s Front Bay






































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