Day 89 Shelburne NS 37 nm today 1830 nm to date

Off again in a fog bank. Our usual routine: Ramble On leads and does the navigation. Finnish Line 2.0 is close behind with a split screen showing the charts with its position plus the position of Ramble On via AIS. The other window has the radar for two miles out to identify marks out of place and/or other boats near by and if found inform Ramble On as to where. Has worked rather well as we’ve made it this far w/o a collision. Today we went through the .3 mile gap on the north side of Ram Island and couldn’t see either land. Once through I looked up from the radar screen to see a fogless view of the land I was steering at. Wow, very jarring. Not that it was close but when you’re not used to seeing anything …. Fog, of course, came back just as quickly. Thankfully it finally ended about 2pm so the last hour we got to enjoy the fine views of Nova Scotia.

The Shelburne YC building was gutted inside by fire this past May. They are operating out of a trailer for the season until it can be restored! Tough break.

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