Day 138 Kingston ON 47 nm today 2913 nm to date

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A beautiful if chilly morning as we leave Oswego.
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Ramble On passes tug pushing a barge.

Home! Sunny and 4C at 6am – brrrrr. There was frost on the dock and condensation on the walls of the forward cabin – serves us right for breathing during the night. The boats were off the dock at 7, Chris pushed Finnish Line off the dock and we were on our way. It was very calm in the marina but once we got into the lake it was quire rolly for the first few hours. No staying below except for a few minutes. Bob did not start the morning in his cold weather foulies but had to put them on, along with his winter mitts and hat as he was turning into an icicle standing behind the wheel. The rolling got less and less and winds which were 11 knots on the lake when we left were going down.

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Brrrrr – this was at 8:54 am.

We saw a sailboat in the distance when we got closer to the Boat Channel and it turned out to be Rick & Laura on Signature coming to welcome us home. When we got to Kingston Harbour we saw Rob and Kate out for a Sunday sail. Ramble on and Finnish Line greeted them and then the final sail to KYC. Lots of help at the dock for both Ramble On and Finnish Line when we arrived. An early dinner with Peter Cohrs, Ze & Peter, Tristan, Rick and Laura was a great end to the final day of the East Coast Loop.


‘Mommy, it’s over” ?

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Signature & Ramble on turning into the Boat Channel











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Almost home.































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