Jan 20th Update Titusville

Well, things are moving along. Peter and Wilma both received their Medical Exemption letters from the Bahamas this morning which will allow them to get the Bahamas Health Visa. Bob expects/hopes he will have his Monday morning. If so, we will all apply for the Bahamas Health Visa then with our planned itinerary. Once we have that we can apply for our Cruising Permit. Then (also Monday we think) we will visit the US CBP (customs and Border Patrol) office at Cape Canaveral and get the Permission to Leave for the boat. However, as the Permission is only good for 3 days, we first must know that there is a weather window for crossing the Gulf Stream and it’s too early to predict when that is. Right now some forecasts are saying next Wednesday or Thursday night will be good to cross but we shall see.

In the meantime, we are venturing out and around Titusville. It has a rather nice historic part of town with a great bakery and coffee shop.

And, of course, several parks good for viewing rocket launches. We’ve already seen three: 2 daylight launches and a night time launch which really lit up the night sky. The sound took almost a minute and a half to reach us!

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  1. Hey, when you’re through with all of the bureaucracy it’ll almost be time to start heading home.
    Enjoy the warmth!

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