Jan 29th Titusville – Some Progress

Progress ! Wilma, Peter and Bob (the laggard) all now have their Doctor’s Clearance Letters so were able to apply for and were granted the Letter of Exemption for Travel from the Bahamian authorities. Final step is to apply for the Bahamas Travel Visa and then the Cruising Permit which they will do probably on Sunday as it can only be applied for 3 days prior to expected arrival in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile back on the US side, Bob went to the US Customs and Border people to apply for the ‘Permission to Leave’ on Friday as they are not open on weekends. It’s valid for 48 hours.

So, the hope is we all leave on Sunday morning, the sailors heading south, Tarja heading north. The Gulf Stream crossing is targeted for Monday night starting at the St Lucie Inlet.

Meanwhile it rained for the third day in a row and the wind is really blowing but as before, nothing to shovel for which we are grateful. Last night in the wee hours the winds were gusting at 30+ knots making it rather noisy and bit bouncy. Ah the sailors’ life!

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