Feb 2nd Spanish Cay 202 44 NM To Date 246 NM

Centre of the World Rock

We weighed anchor Wednesday morning at 7:30 and set off to cover the 44 nm to the Spanish Cay resort where we would check-in with customs and stay the night there. It started off calm as we head ed north to get around Sale Cay and then east but soon the winds picked up from the east so while the sun was shining brightly, we still had a slower slightly bumpy ride. Halfway there we passed the Centre of the World Rock! Probably named by some marketing type. The main excitement was near the end when with just .5 nm to go we ran out of fuel. We quickly dumped in a jerrycan’s worth but then had to drop anchor as it took about 30 minutes to get the fuel flowing and bleed the air out of the lines. Of course, as we were entering the harbour the customs agent was going home for the night. No biggie though as we were allowed off the boat and she checked us in the next morning. Unhappily the marina main buildings were having water issues meaning no water for showers or toilets and the restaurant was closed. We had dinner as usual on boar and celebrated the 4th anniversary of Peter and Wilma flying into Nassau to join us for two weeks the last time we were here.

After that it was taking down the Q flag and hoisting the Bahamas courtesy flag. The flag Is a veteran of our last trip here and after hoisting it the grommet tore away meaning that end of the halyard came down. Not to be defeated, we used some heavy-duty tape and cut some holes in it. Sadly, this resulted in Bob’s finger receiving a nasty deep cut. Luckily our resident nurse leapt into action and put a bandage on at exactly the correct pressure to close the wound but not have it throb nor have the end of the finger turn blue.

We took a brief walk around some of the resort and one of the beaches. Some of the buildings are fixed up but there is still significant damage form Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. Although low on fuel, we decided to skip refuelling there due to the high winds and the gas dock placement.

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