Feb 3rd Black Sound Green Turtle Cay 17 NM To Date 263 NM

We set off about 12:30 for Black Sound on Green Turtle Cay. Again were into the wind and waves. Not a trip one would make normally but it did not seem worth it to hang where we were, and we had already lost more than 3 wees in Florida — so get on with it.

As we pulled in the narrow and shallow channel of Black Sound the winds were down BUT the water was getting shallower. Once we were through the narrow, marked channel it wasn’t as obvious where to go but our charts said 6-7 feet and we draw 4.5’. Well, we ran out of water and were aground for about 30 minutes. We dropped the anchor as the winds were coming up a bit and waited. It was low tide so with rising water, heavier winds, and some motor power we floated free and got off. We continued on to the head of the bay to Donny’s Marina only to find that they do not have fuel but there was a mooring ball we could stay on for the two nights we wanted.

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