Feb 6th/7th Little Harbour/Lynyard Cay 22 NM To Date 311 NM

Left about 8:30 and got almost an hour of sailing in, rare so far in our trip. After that we had the wind mainly on the nose as we headed south but working our way around the various shoals. We could’ve gone outside but the 5’ waves dissuaded us. We arrived about one. Little Harbour is a delightful small harbour which in the early 50s was bought by Randolph Johnston, a sculptor from the US. He came with his family and lived in a cave with his wife and young children while they built a house and a studio/foundry for his work. One of his son’s, Peter who later took over the studio, built a beach pub named Pete’s Pub. An open concept with the only road of beach sand runs through the middle. Tasty food and fun service.

Since the last time we were here 4 years, a lot of new development has happened including one derelict building on the water being refurbished as a very nice club house for the Abaco Yacht Club. Seemed quite posh but not posh enough to not allow us in to look around. But this club along with the new, up market housing will greatly change the laid back, relaxed atmosphere that attracted Randolph Johnston and sailors since then.

Next morning, we hiked around the ruins of the lighthouse keeper and walked along one of the many beaches. At mid day we did the two miles to Lynyard Cay which is a staging point to/from Eleuthera. We dinghied into the beach and wondered around “our” beach as the folks from the 5 boats were on a separate beach.

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