Feb 8th Egg Island 53 NM To Date 366 NM

A long crossing in 14,000’ of water directly exposed to the Atlantic. We left at first light (just before 6:30) and were able to use the jib while motoring

Bob photo bombs Peter’s sun picture

for the first several hours when the wind veered from NE to more southerly. With the jib down we not only went a little slower, but the swells made the boat very rocky. Mid morning it rained very hard, but this is always welcome as it washes the salt off the boat.

We arrived at 4pm in bright sunshine and anchored off a white sane beach in lovely turquoise water. Our only neighbour was the 468’ super yacht, Ulysses. The only annoyance from them was their helicopter taking off and landing several times. On the other hand, we were treated to one of the best sunsets we’d ever seen.

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