Feb 11th Rock Sound 26 NM To Date 436

A pleasant sail to Rock Sound arriving early afternoon in bright sunshine. Wilma and Peter went ashore to the town dock and did a recon. They found a lovely beach front restaurant to eat at the next evening and a few other shops.

The next day we all went into town and then onto to the Ocean Hole sometimes know as a Blue Hole. It’s 680’ deep and 375’ wide and while inland a third of a mile it is salt water. We wandered back through town and saw a lot of derelict buildings. We don’t know if it was a hurricane or if the town had fallen on difficult times.
After an ice cream we returned to the boat for swimming and lazing about.

Unhappily our dinner did not go well. The owners were very nice as was the food and the setting. However, our wait person seemed to know very little about the menu and the food. Plus, she messed our order, so we didn’t get everything as stated. We decided that rather than write an unpleasant review we would email the owners our experience.

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