Mar 3rd Safe Harbour Cave Cay 3 NM to Date 636 NM

We are on Cave Cay. It is a resort marina. We are the only boat at the marina and the resort, 15 years later, is still being built! It’s rather like a ghost town. But very, very beautiful. The harbour, including the entrance, is natural, all they had to do was dredge it. The large building with the wrap around porch gives a spectacular 360 of the island including the waters on both sides. The other building is a semi-detached cabin with lots of worker tools in it …. but time has already caught up with it.

An another boat arrived here from Clayton NY … the owner lives on Grindstone near Canoe Point. He very kindly gave us lots of great food as they cleaned out their boat to head home. This has been the boat’s home port for the last 3 years. Their plane is here, too, and is the way they get in and out. The laundry is out to dry as they only have a washing machine aboard.

btw, you can buy the whole island for USD 60M. See…/the-exumas/cave-cay


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