Mar 30th Slade Creek off Pungo River NC 57 NM To Date 1,734 NM

Headed up Adams Creek to the Neuse River and then up Pamlico River where a line of fishing trawlers appeared out of nowhere on a canal with little else but wilderness.

Trawlers on the Pamlico River

Went many more miles than planned today (57 nm) as we were making good time. Starting late tonight and all through tomorrow is supposed to be some high winds. We have positioned ourselves to be fully protected for 2 nights with the option of making at least 36 nm through a long canal that is quite protected if we deem the winds not so bad. Will make this call in the morning.

The smoke we saw today turned out to be from a US military range. There were 6 plumages with this being the largest. As Peter opined, the US military practising their scorched earth policy!The last photo I thought was some sort of building but turns out to be an amazing stand of trees.

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