May 23rd Amsterdam NY 30 NM 2307 NM To Date

Locks 7, 8, 9, 10

Well, we had a pleasant enough day motoring along the Mohawk River and pretty easy rides up four locks. As we came out of the last lock of the day – a bit more than 2 miles east of Amsterdam, Bob noticed the engine temp was rising. We pulled over to the wall just after the lock so Bob could check the raw water intake strainer. It was ok. We pulled out slowly as there was a bit of water spitting out the back and the engine temp remained stable.

We crawled to Amsterdam to keep the engine temp close to normal and are now tied up to the wall. It’s nicely padded and we even have a ladder so we can get on and off the boat. Bob thinks it might be the impeller. We’re going out for an early dinner and then Bob is going to tackle the engine – sheeesh.

Lots and lots of debris in the river, we saw two large barges picking up the stuff.

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