May 24th Little Falls NY 37 NM 2344 NM To Date

Locks 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17

Tuesday was a good day, sunny, no overheating engine and we got through all the locks without any issues. We had to wait about about 40 minutes to get into lock 17, the 41 footer. We decided to tied up to the wall outside the lock rather than bobbing about for 40 minutes, avoiding other boats. The lock is not in good condition. The are ropes missing and there was a large piece of metal protruding from a part of the wall. The boat behind it had to move back to avoid it. The lock master did a VERY slow ride up, we didn’t mind!

We stayed overnight at the nice long dock in Little Falls, run by the Rotary. We even got to have hot showers and get rid of garbage and our metal can collection, part of which came from the Bahamas.

Here are pics of us in 41’ lock and the protruding metal.

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