Feb 26th – Bali, Indonesia

Arrived off Bali just before 8am this morning and dropped anchor. The tenders were made ready to lower, however, shortly after the captain made an announcement regarding going ashore. The ship had experienced 40kt winds coming in and while they had died down somewhat there are SE swells (off our port quarter) that make lowering the tenders problematic. Therefore all shore excursions have been cancelled. We are expecting Australian customs officers to board this morning and the ship will weigh anchor at noon to begin our passage to Darwin, Australia, arriving early March 2nd.

The big white cat pictured below lost one of its stern fenders and it took the crew member almost 20 mins to retrieve it with a boat hook. In my experience, Wilma Cohrs would’ve had that puppy up in minutes—she has real experience retrieving Finnish Line 2.0’s errant fenders!

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