Mar 8th – Brisbane, Australia

We had a lovely day in Brisbase (sort of) on March 8. Bob has kept in touch with an Australian couple he met at KYC, probably in 2015. They were touring North America in a camper van in order to visit the Catalina factory in Tampa to make final arrangements for their purchase of a Catalina 355. They also wanted to visit other North American Catalina 355 owners, hence the visit to KYC and Finnish Line. Kel and Lois live north of Brisbane so they picked us up and took us on a drive in the older area of Brisbane, south of the Brisbane river, so we didn’t make it to downtown Brisbane, although we’ve heard it’s an interesting fast growing city with a mix of new and colonial buildings.

Parts of the area we toured reminded us of Toronto’s Beach area. Much of the housing is from the 1920’s We then had lunch at a lovely restaurant beside a large marina in Manly. While eating we saw many sailboats heading out, Lois said many clubs have Wednesday afternoon races.

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