Mar 14-15th Melbourne, Australia

We spent two days in Melbourne – really liked the city. It’s very different from Sydney, which has water everywhere you turn, but it does have a large harbour and a lovely waterfront on the Yarra River which runs through the centre of downtown Melbourne.

Lucky for us, Tarja has a friend who lives in a cool Melbourne neighbourhood called Yarraville. We got there on the commuter train and had a fabulous dinner at their place which started with a bottle of bubbly, apparently an Australian tradition – we like this tradition.

The next day we rode the historic tram – much like Toronto streetcars of the 1920/30s And the best part, all the tram lines in the centre of the city, and there are many, are free – what a concept.

Ridin’ the Tram

We walked many of the city’s historic old laneways and arcades which now house restaurants and shops.

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