Mar 23rd Milford Sound South Island NZ

It was a beautiful sunny day for our trip to Milford Sound. It was suggested that we not drive as the driver would miss the views so we went on a bus that we caught in Te Anau, a short work from our campsite. Our driver Debbie gave us good commentary on the two hour driver there. We had several phot op stops. Unfortunately at one of the stops a passengers fell as he was walking to get back on the bus – total face plant onto his glasses, and was badly cut on his face and hand. Lots of passengers helped, he was bleeding quite profusely, I could see all this as it happened right outside my window. We were delayed as our driver organized help, we had to drive to the next stop where there was a signal for her to make a call. However, no medivac helicopter rescue like on the QM2 (or MASH 😊) The injured man and his wife stayed at the stop, an ambulance had been called to pick him up. When we got back to Te Anau, he was in the coffee shop at the bus stop, all bandaged up but seemed ok.

It was a gorgeous drive which included going through a rough hewn tunnel – no pictures, there were barely any lights in there. Our boat was a large catamaran which made its way slowly down the south side of the sound and returned on the north side. There was very little wind so it was a calm ride. We saw a few dolphins and seals – impossible to get a photos of either. A wonderful outing.

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