Mar 30th Kaikoura South Island NZ

We obviously didn’t take a close look at a map as we thought today’s drive would be fairly flat and not exciting compared to some of the drives we’ve done throught the West Coast Alps. We first had to drive over the Weld Pass – more climbs, twists, turns. It did include some lovely sheep and cattle pastures, reminiscent of the Calgary foothills, and some small vineyards.

This dumped us out on a Pacific coastal road at the foot of a range of mountains, almost all the way to Kaikura. The winds were very high to the point where Bob had to be really careful of huge gusts that buffeted the car. Always fun on a narrow two lane road with no shoulders. However, the winds also produced an amazing show of waves crashing to the shore.

Our campground is a total contrast to Blenheim – good news as we’ll be spending two nights here.

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