Mar 31st Kaikoura Peninsula South Island NZ

What a day. Beautiful sunshine, mountain views and a lovely 6k hike around the Kaikoura Peninsula. The path for the latter started off with paving stones but quickly devolved to a dirt path that took us to 100m cliff tops and through meadows with a background of snow capped mountains. We passed seal rocks and even saw (we believe) blue penguins. Given the high gusts of yesterday and the forecasted rain tomorrow we lucked out (or chose wisely).

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  1. How lucky you are! Having ‘done’ NZ 12 years ago by Motorhome it was nice to revisit the same places that you have visited. Weather wise it’s the Antipodes so you had to expect British type weather, esp in South Island. Your whole trip seems like the trip of a lifetime with some highs and lows and lots of great memories.

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