Apr 1st – 2nd Christchurch South Island to Auckland North Island NZ

We had a slightly exciting 2 1/2 hr drive on Saturday to our final camp ground in Christchurch. It was another day of driving along winding roads on the coast but we did go inland about halfway through the drive where there were still a lot of curves but a more sedate up and down. We stupidly chose not to fuel up in Kaikoura before we left, we had 1/4 tank and thought we’d get fuel along the way. There were a couple of small gas stations that looked awkward to get into with the camper so we carried on as we knew there were bigger stations further ahead. We started to get a bit nervous when the ‘low fuel’ light came on. Bob put the cruise control at a little over 80kph. There were lots of places along the road where Bob could pull over and let any cars stuck behind us pass. Luckily we did get fuel before the van ground to a halt – as Wordle says, phew.

Our campground was our second least favourite, it was cheek to jowl sites but the facilities were good. It was in the suburbs of Christchurch, we chose it as it was a short drive to drop off the van, we had to have it back by 10am as we needed to get to our flight to Auckland. We had quite a bit of food left over so I offered it to a German family in the next campsite, they had three kids and were very happy to take it. They said with three kids the food would be gone in no time.

As we left the south island the weather turned warmer. We were lucky with sunny days, just not the temperatures.

Flight to Auckland was fine. Our hotel is on the waterfront and we love our room, very funky and we we have a large window overlooking the harbour. The room feels palatial after two weeks in the camper van.

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