Day 3 – Septe8, 2017 – Phoenix NY

Going into the final lock. This was only a 10 foot rise.

It poured rain this morning but was pretty clear by 11 so we headed out. We went through 6 locks today, it’s pretty safe to say we do not like locks. Picture yourself against a slimy wall, holding on to slimy ropes while trying to keep a 15,000 lb boat evenly near the wall as the water is swirling up. It is not fun and being newbies at this added to the non-excitement. The front of the mast took another hit today so we now need the whole unit. The lock master at the final lock today let the water in a bit slower which really helped, it was a 10 foot rise, not the highest of the day. We’re guessing the highest one today was around 25 feet.

Coming out of the final lock. We’re tied up for the night at the wall beyond the white building on the left.

The ride along the river from lock to lock was very pretty but all I could think was, oh gad, another lock coming up! We’re stopped for the night in Phoenix NY and there is a huge catamaran, from Montreal, behind us on the wall. I’m trying to picture it in the locks.


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  1. Brings back memories of canal boating in England. Hopefully you will have some of the boat left by the time you finish with the locks.

  2. Yes, it reminds me of the time I went house boating on the Rideau Canal with my brother Ed and sister-in-law Carole. The boat was about 32′ long and extremely barge-like- no aerodynamic design features whatsoever. Every time we entered a lock we prayed for no wind and slow waters. Sometimes we crashed into the sides and sometimes we didn’t. My poor brother who is a professional truck driver, was a wreck by the end of the week. Never again he swore and we haven’t.

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