Day 16 – Sept 21, 2017 – Great Kills Harbour – Staten Island NY

We left the marina around 10:30 am, relieved that a honking big cruiser near our path out left this morning making the right turn out of our slip a lot easier. It was a bit of a bumpy ride in the harbour but I did manage to get a few good photos including one of Lady Liberty. There was a fair it of ferry traffic around us but all very manageable. Bob realized that he hadn’t put our Canadian flag or the courtesy US flag back up after taking them down at Liberty Marina to prevent the flap-flap noise during the night, so they went back up before we got to the Verrazano Bridge.

Manhattan receding
Lady Liberty

Once we went under the bridge it calmed down a lot and I had no problem going below to make lunch. We made it to Great Kills Harbour – which according to Google may mean “many creeks” in Dutch, by shortly after 1pm, thanks to the favourable current. I can’t say we had also had a following sea before the bridge as with all the ferry traffic the waves seem to be coming from several directions. This is a very large harbour with several marinas and yacht clubs. We’re staying at the club in the far corner beside a VERY large orange catamaran – I quite like the look. The owners bought at St Martins and picked it up in December – fortuitous timing.

Our orange neighbour

We walked into town, which is very close to the club, to hit a drug store but were really dragging our asses on the way back as it was hot. Dinner was at a seafood place nearby and as a sign of our maturity, probably temporary, we didn’t finish our bottle of wine but brought t back to the boat to enjoy with lunch or dinner tomorrow.

One anecdote about the club, they redid their washrooms and showers this pst winter and they are beautiful. However, their sinage leaves a lot to be desired. The washrooms are labelled Captains and Mates, hahaha – Rosemary would have fun using the Captains washroom . Talk about not having caught up with the times. Everyone we’ve met at the club is very friendly and helpful so we can only hope they see the error of their naming ways. Bob did point out there was not a single female their picture gallery of commodores/vice commodores We were chatting with one of the catamaran owners last night and she also commented on the washroom labels – as in “what gives”.

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  1. Hey Tarja look on the bright side of the bathroom labeling at that yatch club. Maybe it’s part of the progressive, cutting edge in the ongoing American bathroom culture wars. Look at it, gender neutral bathrooms!!! Captains and mates can be either male or female. Beautiful!

    1. Aha, that is one way of looking at it. I’d love to see the face of the first guy who ecountered me in their Captains washroom !

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