Day 28 – Oct 3, 2017 – Rock Hall Landing Marina, MD

And the weather continues to be amazing. The daytime temps are in the 20s and sunny and nice cool nights for sleeping. Bob and Chris left around  8am for their sail down to Kent Island for Chris to meet with some brokers to look at a couple of boats.

Chris & Bob on Even Keel, leaving for Kent Island.

I walked to the village and found a great shop with women’s clothing and accessories. I was there for close to an hour and was the only customer. I had fun trying on stuff and did minimal damage to the pocketbook.

I stopped again and took pictures at the house with the

More monarchs

New England asters covered in monarch butterflies. It made me feel good just watching them.

Bob & Chris had a good outing and got back late afternoon, last night at Rock Hall.




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