Day 39 – Oct 14, 2017 – Deltaville, VA

We had a perfect departure from our not-so-favourite slip at 7am and there was no one around to see it. Bob gently backed out of the slip, we didn’t touch the pylons, or any other boats! We were really surprised at the number of other boats also heading out that early, it was a veritable flotilla for a while.

Our plan was to try to make it to Deltaville, VA, about a 50 mile trip, but if not, we’d stop at Mill Creek and anchor there. That was a 40 mile trip counting going down the creek to reach the anchorage. We made great time, had a following sea and the current was with us.  We were motor sailing as there wasn’t enough wind to make good time for the distance we wanted to go. Happily some crab pots to avoid but not nearly as many as when came into Solomons.

When we reached the turn off for Mill  Creek it was a no brainer to keep going. We got to Deltaville around 3:15 and Chris was waiting for us on the dock. He and Cindy anchored at Mill Creek last night and arrived at Deltaville earlier this morning to look at a boat.

It’s nice marina with floating finger docks – no gymnastics required to get on and off the boat. Spring Cove was a nice marina, friendly staff, good facilities but the slips sucked. No floating docks and at high tide in the morning the jump to get off was so big even Bob with very healthy knees wasn’t willing to try it. When we came back from dinner out Bob had to boost me to get back on the boat – no video available!

We will probably be here until Tuesday, the weather is supposed to be nasty on Monday. Unfortunately almost nothing is open so if we want to have dinner out tomorrow we have very limited options and they involve a 20 minute  cab ride.


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